17e Regiment d'infanterie de Ligne
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Standard and Rules

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Standard and Rules Empty Standard and Rules

Post by Arthur Friant Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:38 am


● The first rule of 17e is to do with general trolling with-in or out of events. When you troll it reflects on the whole regiment and will not be tolerated. This includes breaking rules on public servers when using the 17e tags. And in events things such as, constantly running out of line, head banging or teamkilling is not permitted. Depending on the nature of the event, this will lead to warnings, demotions and being kicked out of the Regiment.

● Within 17e attendance is monitered with members, monited heavily with those of the rank SoD and above. Although it is not expected for members to attend every event, it is preferred if you were to tell an NCO or CO if you will not be attending an event. This way it will not go down as a full absense. Attendance of those SoD and above can be seen here, Attendance, note that if your attendance drops below 10% then it will be a removal of the Regiment. It will not stop you from being accepted agin but will mean you begin as Cadet.

● Within events we use a PTS(Permission to Speak) Rule. With this it means if you wish to talk about something relevent, use must ask with "P-T-S" and wait for an Officer to grant you permission to speak. When using PTS, make sure it is relevent and a valid point, based on the event. When all in the Regiment are dead then it is allowed to speak out of PTS, but not too much that it overwhelms the teamspeak.

● When in event we also have rule with the use of Chat, the use of Global chat is for Officers only. If you're responding to a person on the enemy team or have been given permission to then it's fine. Also with the use of Team Chat, do not spam the chat. Although it is allowed to be used freely, we do not want to see it being spammed.

● The final rule is Respect. This means that you respect Officers and NCO's when leading, and also other members. If you have a problem then please bring it to the Internal Relations Officer [Jampad]. When we speak of respect it means to the other team. It is never suspected to see people insult another Regiment or Clan, even if they cannot see it. The 17e ties maintain a good reputation with other regiments and disrespect will not help that.


Historical Names/Names: Historical names are not mandatory, but they are reccomended for the professional look of the Regiment. There is a list of French historical nicknames here, Historical Names. You are allowed to choose your own name of course, but with this names are not to contain any offensive words or statements. Neither are they to be immature or insulting.

● When in training events; melee teamwork, tricks and shooting will be taught to you. You're expected to showcase these abilities and take what you've learnt to other places within Mount&Blade: Warband. We understand that some people are not as skilled as others, but the skills (Such as the the 2-to-a-man rule and One-up-One-down) are expected to been seen used. This is why Training is a highly important event and is stressed that you do your best to attend.

● Your teamspeak name is to be your in-game name. Not as in "17e_Rank_Name" but the name you use after the "17e" & "Rank". This is so we can identify people as our own members. If you do not have the same in-game name as teamspeak name then there is a high chance that you will be banned from the server. It also helps with keeping tabs on members, if your name is different you may not be credited for something or may be counted as not attending.
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